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A note from Nikki

Child bereavement books written by Nikki
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Nikki Piper, Wife to Bubbleheads Crew Member James, and the inspiration behind our row shares the reason behind writing her series of child bereavement books and her final wish. 


Most of you will know that the main inspiration behind our reason to row the Atlantic Ocean for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Campaign 2020, is Nikki, the wife of crew member James. Nikki was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma Peritoni over 6 years ago and since her diagnosis has faced cytoreductive surgery and endless treatment. 

Aware of the support not only Nikki needed during this time, but also that of her family, Nikki, a passionate writer, has used her experience to publish a series of child bereavement books for other families in need. 

In her own words, Nikki shares the story behind them… 

I have recently published a collection of 3 stories that gently approach the idea of children losing someone they have loved.

I wrote my first story, ‘William finds The Feather’, out of necessity. Sadly, I have cancer and there came a point when my brother and I needed to have a conversation about what we told his 3-year-old son if I didn’t wake up after major surgery. We decided we would tell William that every time he saw a feather, it is Auntie Nikki floating by to send him love and feelings of happiness. Both my brother and I took great comfort from this and, even though we never actually needed to tell William about the feather, I took my recovery time to write the book.

After finishing The Feather, I realised there might be a place for more books like this and I decided to write two more; one story that directly deals with the death of a loved one (William finds The Robin) and then a book that involves the passing of a pet (William finds The Butterfly). Each book offers comfort to the reader and proposes gentle ideas on how a loved one can be remembered (the grandma comes back as a robin and a tree is planted in memory of the dog).

Now, 5 years later, my family and I face the very sad prospect of needing these books once again.

My primary goal has always been for these stories to reach and help as many children and families as they can. My final wish is for my legacy to be the help and support that each book can offer those families in need.



If you know a child or family who would benefit from reading Nikki’s book, we invite you to share this article with them. 

All three books are available to buy through Amazon. 

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6 thoughts on “A note from Nikki”

  1. Very sad news about your illness but your story is very inspiring and very brave of you to stay positive and create something special in your books.

    1. I’ve just found out from my mom today and I was very sad to hear this. Mrs Piper taught me when I was a child myself in primary and she left to the UK that year for unknown reasons. I never would have thought she’d have cancer. I just wanted to say thank you to Mrs Piper for showing me everything I know about writing. I would never have gotten this far in my studies if it hadn’t been for her. I would never had had my passion for writing and reading if she didn’t help me. She was so fun and full of light and I missed her sorely when she left suddenly. Rest in peace, Mrs Piper 🙂

      1. Many thanks for your very kind message, Lee. We have passed this on to James, Mrs Piper’s husband, who will no doubt be pleased to hear what a great inspiration Nikki was to you.
        All the best,
        The Bubbleheads

  2. Shona Colthart

    You are an inspirational, author, teacher and an extra special friend. Your books will be a great support to many, a truly special legacy, I am so very proud of you x

  3. Miss Nikki was one of my favourite teachers from Brunei and I was so sad to hear her news, she was a wonderful actress and dancer and gave me the inspiration I have to study performance at university this year! she taught me so many things I will never forget and I have very fond memories of her.

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