to achieve the unachievable

Choosing to row the second largest ocean in the world was not a snap decision. It was a well thought-out choice made by a group of saturation divers who had always wanted to push themselves to the limit and do something that others could not. These men aren’t averse to challenging conditions as their job is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. They also share a deep and inner desire to achieve the unachievable.

The initial idea to enter the 2020 row came when three of the Bubbleheads witnessed the arrival of the 2018 winning boat on a trip to Antigua. Stood shoreside, the three friends all agreed it was a challenge worth doing but they were all naturally hesitant; this is a challenge that would once again take them away from their friends and families when they already spend so much time away for work.

The pivotal decision-making moment came when team member James told the crew how he wanted to find a way to raise money for Wessex Cancer Trust. The charity has provided him and his family endless support over the last six years as his wife, Nikki, continues to battle a very rare and aggressive form of cancer.

It felt like all the pieces had fallen into place.

for nikki & Wessex Cancer Trust

I have cancer. It still doesn't seem real. Yet this isn’t just some bad dream; it was the very cold reality that I faced 6 years ago. Since my diagnosis, I have endured two 10 hour surgeries, chemotherapy and many other minor procedures.

Nikki x

an inspiring story

Nikki’s story is inspiring.

Inspiring enough to motivate four divers (who already spend half the year away from their loved ones) to take on the all-consuming commitment of rowing an ocean.

Inspiring enough to raise money and awareness of this rare form of cancer and support the Wessex Cancer Trust.

wessex cancer trust

about Wessex Cancer Trust

Wessex Cancer Trust helps and supports anyone affected by cancer regardless of age, gender or type of cancer.

They believe that everyone living with cancer should have a local place to go to get the support they need when they need it. Their mission is to help local people living in Hampshire with cancer by offering emotional, physical and practical support at their dedicated Support Centres.


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